Wednesday, March 27, 2013

love for all.


you may have been seeing this equal sign on Facebook. this morning i changed my cover photo to this photo above.

i am a huge believer that everyone should have a right to marry.  many of my friends are gay and so is my uncle.  i want them to experience was so many men and women get to experience everyday.

i was raised in a family that taught me no one should be treated differently because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation.  the fact that DOMA is being argued blows my mind because we it's 2013.  this shouldn't even be an issue.

as a government and law major, i have learned about law cases and amendments that gave slaves, african americans, and women the rights to vote and be citizens.  these concepts seem so far off, when in reality, they really aren't.  it's crazy to me that real people in our country are still being treated unfairly.  

Our constitution claims that we're all created equal and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  so why should gay men and women not be given these rights?

post the above photo on Facebook and make it your profile or cover photo to support DOMA being overturned.  
And be sure to read this, to see how the court could rule and how the ruling could potentially change American history.

something amazing could happen, guys! 

everyone deserves to wear a wedding dress and have a wedding.  xo

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