Thursday, November 15, 2012

for real this time!

on tuesday afternoon my parents called me with some heartbreaking news....
after spending three nights with Bacon, they had to bring him back to the foster family.
Bacon experienced a lot of seizures and had been on medication for them, but the medication made him run into walls, jump off our high deck, and basically engage in some self-destructive behavior.
The meds also caused him to vomit and poop everywhere constantly.

He just didn't seem happy in our home, and with both my parents not being home every single hour of the day, it would be impossible to care for his special needs.
Even though I never met Bacon, I was still upset.  I wanted a new puppy more then anything, since I missed Isabelle so much.

Last night I cam out of practice to two missed calls from my dad.  I called him back, and he announced they had adopted a puppy!  I was in shock, because I thought it would take a lot longer to find one.

She's a 14 week old cocker spaniel and absolutely precious.  I haven't met her but I am SO in love with her.

Basically, the trainer we had set up for Bacon heard about what happened with us and explained that she was fostering a 14 week old puppy.  She was the product of divorce and the ex-husband didn't want her.  My parents weren't in the mood to adopt another puppy so soon after having to bring Bacon back, but they fell in love with her when they met her.
Look at that face!  How could you not?

I decided to name her Zoe..... isn't she adorable?

Welcome to the family Zoe!  I'm so excited to love on you all the time starting Tuesday!! xo

Zoe and her trainer!
baby girl home at last 

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