Friday, November 2, 2012

an update on hurricane sandy

sorry for the blog silence, but the past week as been a roller coaster.  
as all of you probably know, hurricane sandy hit the east coast on monday.
i was at school in Pennsylvania at the time, and we definitely felt the affects.  classes were cancelled all week since we lost power on monday afternoon.
luckily, my sorority house didn't lose power at all.  i went there after power went out in my dorm on monday and slept there this entire week.  i'm so grateful for all of my sisters for letting me crash with them all week.  it was so much fun.  we watched movies, ordered pizza, and went to the mall yesterday when it was safe to start driving around.

but this isn't what i really want to talk about.  i got lucky when it comes to the storm.  as you may or may not know, i live on the jersey shore.  my dad was born and raised in jersey and i've lived here my entire life.  it's who i am and i'd be such a different person if i hadn't grown up here.

my town was completely destroyed by hurricane sandy.  luckily i live ten minutes from the beach so i am so grateful that my home is okay, but the restaurants i eat at all the time, the beach i work at, and the places i hang out at, they're gone.  i have friends whose homes were just completely washed away.

i came home today for the weekend and was completely shocked to see the damage done.  trees are on houses.  rivers are flooded still into streets.  the town i have worked at for the past three summers as a lifeguard is covered in sand.  residents aren't allowed to go back there because the town is worried that gas lines may explode.  famous landmarks in atlantic city, asbury park, and sea bright are just gone.  boardwalks everywhere, including ones i usually run on everyday in the summer were swept away.  

one storm.  one storm completely destroyed places that i have grown up at.  it's one of the saddest, scariest things that i have ever witnessed.

the thing is i know we will come out stronger.  coming home, i have never been more proud to be a resident of new jersey.  most of the country knows the shore from television, whether it be through the jersey shore or the real housewives.  but i think this opportunity will help us show the world that the jersey shore isn't like it's televised.  it's a state of the most resilient people i have ever met.  

we will rebuild the shore.  we will come back next summer stronger then ever.  and i'm beyond proud to be a part of it.

for now, though, people need homes, food, and clothing.  i don't normally as my followers to do this, but if you could help new jersey out i would appreciate it so much.

*like this page on Facebook to help restore the shore.  
*read this and get inspired
*help the red cross by donating money, giving blood, or helping out at a shelter if you are in the area
you can text "red cross" to 90999 to donate $10
*pre-order this t-shirt.  my friends at school and i pre-ordered them the other night.  

i love the jersey shore.  it's my home.  and i want my home back.  


  1. Beautifully written. Sending you, your family and friends my best wishes. Stay safe!

  2. Love your blog.
    New follower! Follow me back too?!!


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