Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{style} green with envy

today my sorority had what we call "pin attire" day.  we had to get dressed and look nice and classy.
i'm usually pretty good at getting dressed for class.  i try to look good throughout the day because i think that no matter how tired you are, getting dressed helps to start your day.  unless of course it's a day when i have six am lifting.... then you'll usually find me in gym clothes.

this is what i am wearing today....

please excuse the messiness of my box of a dorm room.  also, i think my shattered screen ruined my camera because the image quality on this is terrible.

blouse: anthropologie
jeans: anthropologie
shoes: j crew
watch: michael kors
earrings: tiffany and co.

the weather has been so weird here in pennsylvania, making it super hard to get dressed.  it's like fifty degrees when i wake up for class in the morning, but by lunch it's been in the seventies.  needless to say, i'm excited for fall.

what have you been wearing lately? xo

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