Thursday, August 23, 2012

see ya later, alligator.

tomorrow i move back to pennsylvania for another crazy year at school.
it's hard to believe i'm a sophomore now. 
i wrote this post at this time last year when i was about to be a small fish in a big pond. 
now i'm a slightly older, bigger, and maybe a little wiser fish.

i remember being so nervous for my freshman year.
i was nervous i wouldn't make friends.  i was nervous i would miss my family too much.  i was nervous about living on my own.

but i have the best friends i could ask for.  i miss my family a ton, but i know that even almost two hours away, they'll always be there for me.  and i know that i totally can live on my own.

this year, my nerves are a little bit different, but i'm mostly just excited for the coming year.
that being said.....

new jersey.... i'm gonna miss you a ton.  going away to school made me realize how much i love this state.  coming back for the past three months made me realize even more.  

but i'm super excited to get back to my adopted home.  i miss the little coffee shop i would go to before classes.  i miss the amazing italian place my friends and i would go to for dinner.  i miss sunday morning breakfasts at this little omelet cafe.  and i miss my friends.  i've seen most of them this summer, but there's a lot i haven't seen yet.

since i move back to school tomorrow, there may be a blog silence this weekend as i unpack and get back into the swing of things.  but i'll be back next week with tons to share and of course, the remainder of the photos from my trip to europe.

sophomore year, you have a TON to live up to, but i couldn't be more excited for you.  


  1. oh enjoy it!! i wish i could go back and relieve sophomore year :)

    xo Britta


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