Friday, July 13, 2012


Mornings around here have become my favorite part of the day.  I usually wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 to work out before work.  It's hard waking up for it at first, but I like being done with my workout by the time I would normally be waking up for work around 8.  For instance, this morning I ran three mile, got coffee and went to the dentist - all before 7.

Waking up early allows me to experience things I normally wouldn't.  These pictures, for instance, were taken over the course of two morning runs this week.  I would never get to see the sunrise if it wasn't for my morning workouts.

Of course, waking up this early means that people know not to call me after 10:30 at night during the week.  Just because i'm an athlete doesn't mean I don't need my beauty sleep!

What is your favorite part of the day? xo


  1. i love the moment when sun rises, the leaves are still wet of condensation and the birds are chirping. all happen peacefully in a silent tranquil morning. and i hold a cup of coffee in my hand while watching it from my window. in that moment, nothing's wrong with the world.

    love this post!

  2. these pictures are having me jonesin' for california again, even though i was just there! :) beautiful pictures. morning workouts are so empowering when it's just you, your ipod and the world!

  3. I always feel so accomplished when I wake up early. I wish I could will my body to do it more often!

  4. I'm more of a sunrise girl, rather than a sunset one... always have been.


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