Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I've Learned in College (Part One)

I successfully have re-adjusted to college life after over a month home on break.
It's great to be back and surrounded by my friends, and I love a majority of the classes I'm taking this semester.
Transitioning from living at home to living almost two hours away was difficult, but I've learned a few wonderful (and not so wonderful) things about college life.
{At our swim team Christmas party in December}

1)  It's never a good idea to go out and party before an 8 AM class or practice....
.... and yet for some reason week after week we go out anyway.  And we always regret it.  Gotta live while we're young!

2)  Too much money will be spent on coffee and Wawa...
.... but it's totally worth it.  (For those who don't know what Wawa is, it's a convenience store that always makes food and is open 24/7)

3)  The library becomes your second home....
... and you will have your favorite places to study.

4) There's always people around....
.... and therefore always someone to talk to when you need them.

5) College will be the best time of your life....
..... but when you do go home, you'll appreciate your family so much more. 


  1. Love this! So glad you've adjusted to college! You'll have so much fun!

  2. Wow I always love college's library.
    Hope you enjoy your college life. It's really great!


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