Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Back

Oh hey.....
I know, I've got some explaining to do.
Whenever people talk about "blogging breaks", I always used to kind of laugh.
"Why would one want a break?" I'd ask.  "It's so much fun!"
But i totally just took the nicest week long break from blogging.

It started when I accidentally deleted my twitter app on my IPhone.
At first I felt bare.  And then I didn't want to bring it back.
The lack of twitter in my life led to a lack of blogging.
But I've also had a completely insane week.

Don't you hate those weeks where you get a slew of good news AND a slew of bad news?
I feel so torn into which way to feel.
Should I cry?
Or should I be happy?

Obviously I already discussed my sister's surgery.  It's happening next weekend, which scares me to death.
Then I found out my dad needs a biopsy on his thyroid due to a lump.
I'm a totally daddy's girl, so this also scares me to death.
Then my friend's dad passed away at the age of 65.
So far, 4 of my friend's dads have died within the past 3 months.
Then I was completely betrayed by one of my closest friends.

On the other hand....

Summer officially started for me.
I started work, which mean three days of pure beach weather.
I went on a date (followed by a second, third, and even fourth) with an amazing guy.
*knock on wood I'm not jinxing anything here*
My best friend came home from college for the summer.
My other best friend graduated.
And I graduate two weeks from Friday!

As you can see, it's been quite the hectic week around these parts.
But I'm starting to get everything back together.
I'm ready to deal head on with the health scares my family is experiencing.
*I would really appreciate prayers though, if you could!*
And I'm ready to enjoy my last summer before college for all it's worth.

Here we go, friends.  It's going to be an AMAZING summer.


  1. praying for you and yes! make it an amazing summer!

  2. Wow, hectic is right! I hope everything works out for you, good and bad.

    I know that feeling of relief about Twitter... I had the same feeling when I got off of Facebook! It was eating up so much of my time that when I closed my account, it was like a huge weight lifted off of me. :) It was wonderful!


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