Monday, April 25, 2011

Namaste Monday: The Mat


Now that we've talked a nice little bit about yoga, let's talk about the mats.
A mat is not JUST a mat.
Some of my most important realizations have occurred on my mat.
I tend to believe that mats hold a lot of our practice.
Everything we sweat off and everything that flows out of us is stored on our mat.
{yes, I wash my sweat off, don't worry}

Because our mats contain so much emotion, it's hard sometimes to let it go.  I've had my one mat since, no joke, I started yoga seriously probably 5 years ago.  
I actually have three of them.
One for my NJ yoga practice. {it stays in my car}
One for my NJ home yoga practice.
One for my Florida practice.

There are many different types of mats to choose from.

You could go for an eco mat.  These are made out of jute fiber and all natural rubber.
Cotton yoga mats are another option, especially if you're doing Hot Yoga.
Jade and Gaim are big mat sellers that might be a good choice for you.
Gaiam options include sticky mats (extra cushioning), cabernet mats (extra long for extra tall yogis), and 2-in-1 mats (letting you switch from hot yoga to a more gentler flow).  They even have audio yoga mats that you can hook your IPod up to so you can hear yoga podcasts.
Jade makes premium eco friendly mats.
Lululemon has some awesome mat options to choose from as well, including super grippy options

Now that you've picked your style, the fun begins.
While prints are available for your mat, I like basic color ones.
As they say, colors can say a lot about your personality.
Here's an idea:
{Source: Y is for Yogini- one of my favorite yoga bloggers who wrote a more in depth post about yoga mat colors and personality.  Be sure to check it out!}

Red:  you are full of energy, have a vibrant personality, and are passionate about life.
Orange:  People with this color mat have a sense of balanced, a warm personality, and are excited.
Yellow: You are full of joy and are optimistic.
Green:  You enjoy nature, are young at heart, and are smart.
Blue:  You enjoy tranquility, have a sense of calmness, and lead a steady life.
Purple:  You are sophisticated, have an air of mystery, and are wise beyond your years.
White:  you are full of purity, are peaceful, and have a youthful innocence
Grey:  You are subtle, have a sleek nature, and have a sense of dignity.
Brown:  You are one with the earth and have stability in your life.

My mats are orange, blue, and purple.  I think the correspond well to my personality because I am most drawn to those colors :)

Yoga mats absorb your personality, and a lot of what you go through in life gets absorbed by the mat.  Think about it: while in Downward Dog, you are releasing anxiety and stress through the hands into where else? Your mat.

What color is your mat?  Have a favorite that I haven't mentioned?
Please share!
I would love if more people voiced their options about yoga during these Namaste Monday posts!


  1. That's interesting about the colors. I have two green mats! One I picked out myself, the other I got in Costa Rica because I needed a mat and that was the only color they had. Next time I buy a mat I probably will get a purple or blue one. :P

  2. I didn't actually pick out my own mat :( But it's purple, and since purple is one of my favorite colors anyway I'll go with that personality! If I were to pick a mat, it would probably be purple, green or blue (those are my favorite colors). :)

  3. I love your blog and I've given you the Sunshine Award 2011 which you can find here

    You've inspired me to take up Yoga :)

  4. I love this! I've just started doing yoga at the college's Rec and I love it! I desperately need to find an awesome Mat!


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