Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Shelf: Four Book Reviews

Spring break has provided a perfect time for me to check off some of the books on my Reading list.
{I did a nice little post here on the importance of reading and all of the books I was bringing to Florida with me.  Turns out, I'm impatient when it comes to browsing book stores and while I've read a lot, I've ended up adding more to my book list.}

I feel that the four books I've read deserved some sort of review.
I always like when blogs do book reviews, because most of the time I'm about to buy the same book.
So it's nice to know whether someone loved it or "wants the last two weeks of there life back".
{Real quote from me.}

1) Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses
Synopsis: This book is about a woman {the author} who is looking for peace from her everyday life of being a part time book critic and full time mother.  She goes to a yoga class looking to shed a few pains and gain perspective on her life.  Poser showcases twenty three of the poses she's learned and coordinates each pose with a specific time of her life.  
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Review:  I loved reading this book.  You know how you find characters and can instantly relate to them?  I related to Claire.   She's funny and charming and you instantly connect with her struggles.  I loved the way she showcased her yoga.  This isn't a yoga book or a yoga how to guide.  It's a biography of a woman's life and how yoga influenced her.  I love reading about how yoga influenced people.  Furthermore, I related to how she started off her yoga journey just seeing the physical practice.  I think that happens with a lot of people.  By the end of the novel, it certainly was a spiritual practice for her.  

2) Yoga School Dropout

Synopsis:  This book follows Lucy, a young woman, as she goes to India in search of enlightenment.  She hopes spending a few months there will make her leaner, happier, and more at peace.  Her journey showcases different yoga schools, gurus, and friends and how her intention for her time in India wasn't exactly what occurred.
Rating: 3/5
Review:  I WANTED to love this book.  I really did.  And to be fair, there were parts I did love.  And maybe it was my own fault.  I was hoping for another Eat, Pray, Love novel, and this just wasn't it.  I loved learning more about India.  I loved the descriptions of the yoga schools.  But I just had trouble relating to Lucy.  It was kind of like a mix between the Shopaholic series and Eat, Pray, Love, but there was something missing.  Overall thought, it was entertaining and had it's funny moments, so it's a quick read if you're interested.

3) House Rules

Synopsis:  This story follows that of Jacob, a 18 year old boy with Asperger's.  He has always been interested in forensics, following crime labs and coming up with his own crime scenes.  But when his social tudor, Jess, ends up dead, all hell breaks loss.  With his favorite blanket being at the scene of the crime, he is automatically the prime suspect.  His inability to express his true feelings make him seem even more guilty.  As the trial progresses, his entire family- even himself- begins to doubt his innocence.
Rating: 3.5/5
Review:  First of all, I have a special interest in children with Autism related disorders, so that is what initially caught my eye.  I also love Jodi Picoult's writing, and find myself unable to put her books down.  This was no exception.  I felt for Jacob and his family and wanted to give everyone a hug.  Working with children with special needs, I have studied many of the social aspects that cause them trouble.  It's funny how I immediately took the side of Jacob throughout this novel.  I think certain parts could have been executed better {I wouldn't say this is the best novel she's written}, but overall I enjoyed House Rules.

4) Bossypants

Synopsis:  Tina Fey, SNL alum and 30 Rock star, shares her thoughts on childhood, motherhood, and everything in between.  From working at a theater as a teen, to getting her start on Saturday Night Life, to creating her hit TV show, to becoming a mother, Tina Fey shows how women can have it all.
Rating: 5/5
Review: FUNNIEST. BOOK. EVER.  I'm not lying.  I've read so many books, but this was hysterical.  Take it from a girl who never reads books written by celebs.  But I love Tina Fey, so I gave it a shot.  And I feel in love with her all over again.  I have a total girl crush.  Not only is she funny, she's smart, confident, and knows how to be one hell of a leader.  But most importantly, she tells how being a celeb is not all it's cracked up to be.  She made herself so relatable to the public.  I am now hanging it over to everyone I come in contact with and in one month, have plans to reread it because it was that funny.


What books are you reading?
I had a great time in Jersey over the weekend.  I met most of my teammates for next year, and fell in love with MY college all over again.  That feels weird to say.  I also found a roommate!  Her name is Megan and she's as sweet as can be.  And a swimmer too :)
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  1. Great to see some book reviews! I've been looking for new books to read. Been hearing so many good things about Tina Fey's book!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comments! :)

  2. I've been wanting to read Tina Fey's book too, I love her! Gotta get it now, thanks! :)


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