Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Playlist!

Happy February!  Oh my gosh, where did the time go?
I have to say, I'm so happy January is OVAH!
I know, I know.  I'm suppose to love the new year, and January is suppose to be the time of big change.
But we had SO much snow.
And it was such a LONG, COLD month.
And after all the holiday festivities, it just felt so boring.

Not February.  I love this month.
Wanna know why?
1)  It's only 28 days.  Extra short, and extra sweet.
2)  Winter formal (this weekend!)
3) A super long 6 day mid-winter break in a few weeks
4)  End of high school swim season! {now i only have to swim 12 hours a week instead of 15!}
6)  Superbowl... the only excuse to eat fried foods and drink Coke.
7)  We're one month closer to SUMMER 2011!

Yes, my life is turning into one long countdown to me being able to finally see grass again.

Since it's the first day of a February, I though I'd start with a brand new music playlist!
Doesn't it feel like this one has been up forever?
I know.  It has.  I've been itching to change it since like January 20th.

Here we go!

February Music Playlist

Helplessness Blues                         Fleet Foxes
Go Sadness                            Shout Out Louds
Yellow              Sara Barielles
The Needle Has Landed                        Neko Case    
Make You Feel My Love                       Adele   
In My Veins                    Andrew Belle (ft. Erin McCarley)
Love on My Side                    Lost in the Trees

Enjoy!  xo             

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  1. I LOVE the cover Sara does of Yellow. It's so amazing.


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