Sunday, January 23, 2011

Style Story Sunday- Number 17; Bright Blouse

This weekend has been insane in terms of how busy I was.
I had a lot of fun, got to see two of my friends who live in different states, got a massage, and watched 7 episodes of Criminal Minds.  Obsessed much?

But I'm here with the 17th Style Story Sunday!
This time I switched it up a bit.
Bathroom pictures!  Going old school, people.

{P.S these pics were taken in Florida in December.}

Shirt:  JCrew
Sweater:  JCrew
Skirt:  Urban
Shoes: Anthropologie
Glasses:  Warby Parker

Believe it or not, I'm really proud of myself for this outfit.  Normally I tuck plain tshirts into skirts, but this time I dared to be different and tucked this flowy shirt into the skirt.  The skirt is super comfy because it's cotton and stretchy, so it paired nicely with the silk blouse.
I added the pink oxfords to complete the outfit.

Tonight's the last night to enter the giveaway!!  It's so cool, but not many people have entered, so you have a HUGE chance of winning!  Get on that :)


  1. i am still regretting the fact i never bought those red shoes. and i was so close!

  2. This = super cute.
    I love it :)


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