Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

happy thanksgiving eve!
i love thanksgiving because of the family and food and pie!
this year we are staying alone, just the 4 of us.
which is kind of nice because i have a big day planned of simple activities.

i plan on:
waking up late
baking a pumpkin pie
watching elf and setting up my mini pink christmas tree
and making paper snowflakes

today was one hectic day as well, so i'm really happy for the low-key day.
i went to whole foods this morning after my haircut to pick up some things for my mom.
it was crazy!
the checkout line was seriously around the store by the milk!
then i got home, tripped, and cracked all but 4 of the eggs.
then i sliced my foot open.

but it's okay, because yesterday I saw my best friend for the first time in four months!
and then today I saw the boy for the first time in four months!
i've missed them both a lot so it was nice to see them.

anyway I'm guest blogging today at 

it's all about my favorite holiday memories so check it out:)

also, tomorrow is the last day to enter Biscuit's giveaway!
I'm one of the sponsor's so i think all of you should enter it!

have an amazing pre-thanksgiving!

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  1. LOVE the movie Elf! As far as I'm concerned, Christmas starts tomorrow after I eat Thanksgiving dinner :) Have a happy turkey day!


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