Monday, November 8, 2010

"For Beautiful Eyes, Look for the Good In Others"- Audrey Hepburn

on saturday morning i woke up earlier then i do during the week.
i drove to school in the dark.  it was 38 degrees.
i got on a bus and, along with 20 other classmates, made my way 
to Villanova's Fall Festival to volunteer at the special olympics.
i helped cheer on the volleyball athletes, encouraged cross country runners, and fell in love with the cutest couple, who just so happened to have down syndrome, i have ever met.
i learned so much about these athletes, who train a remarkable amount during the week for the love of the sport.
as an athlete myself, i relate to their enthusiasm.
what delighted me was their courage and sportsman ship.  each and every team cheered on their teammates.  if one of them missed the ball in volleyball, the congratulated them anyway.  and if they lost?  well the went right up to the other team to give everyone hugs.  they are true examples of how sports should be.
despite the cold, it was the perfect way to spend a saturday.

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  1. Sounds lovely :) I love reading about other people's great weekends!


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