Sunday, October 10, 2010

Style Story Sunday Special: The Fall Shoe Post

so for this Style Story Sunday, I've decided to share my current fall shoes I'm sporting.
of course, this doesn't include ugg boots (which I wear too much), but you get the idea.
oh and by the way.... please pretend this was a planned post that i've been wanting to do for a long time.  not a "oh crap, it's sunday isn't it and i have no photos of me wearing anything" post

*ok, so i had this all ready for last night, but my computer was not cooperating.  so here it is tonight.  sorry!!*

the neutral flats

top left: anthropologie (on sale!) ; top right: sperry for jcrew
bottom left: sam edelman (on sale!); bottom right: tory burch

the anthropologie ones are one of my favorite shoes, and as you can see I wear them to death!  they were my favorite walking shoes in Paris.  
the sperry's are super comfortable!  i have to wear a uniform for school, and I usually wear these, so they get a ton of use.
I got the sam edelman's on sale over the summer.  they are peek-a-boo with tiny studs.... very subtle yet rock-and-roll.
the tory burch shoes were a splurge- but they're a classic black flat that i love!

the comfy flats

left: toms; right: jcrew
not pictured: two more pairs of toms (navy and gold) and a few pairs of casual sneaker-like shoes
(converse, a parisian brand, and nike)

tom shoes are the best!  not only do they donate a pair for every pair you buy, but they are comfortable and super chic when paired with jeans and a tee for a weekend outting!
the mocs are my new favorite purchase.  they're adorable with anything and I wear them every chance I get.

the colorful flats 

top left, anthropologie; top right: unknown boutique
bottom left, coach; bottom right: anthropologie (on sale!)

i got the top anthropologie shoes in march right before I went to Paris when I wanted a new spin on the oxford shoe.  the bright pink color is something i adore!
the shoes from the unknown boutique are a few years old and a little snug, but with the hand stitched floral detail, how could you not love them?
the zebra coach flats were a gift from my mom a few years ago.  they had the animal flair to any outfit.
the on sale anthro flats are one of my favorites.  i love the hug flower/bow and button detail!!

the heels

kate spade (on sale!)

i rarely wear heels.  in fact, these are the only "non party" heels I have.  but i think they are super cute and when I saw them on sale at kate spade two years ago, I happily took them home with me.

the boots

free people (on sale!)

these are so cute!  fringes and bows- how could you not love them?

lucky brand (on sale!)

i didn't even know lucky made shoes.  but last week, bloomingdales was having a 20% off sale and I have been wanting flat leather boots for a while.... so here they are!

coach (on sale!)

these were on sale and a christmas gift from my parents a few years ago.  one of my most treasured pairs of shoes.

there you go:)  


p.s tomorrow's mondy... whattttt?

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