Wednesday, October 13, 2010


today my english class was talking about death.  
not just death, but the reason people kill people.
the psychology behind mass shootings that occur at colleges.
and while i love psychology, not everything in the world is bad.

in fact, there is SO much good
and it get overshadowed by the bad so many times.

but not tonight.
tonight, a miracle happened.
33 miners were rescued in Chile, after spending 69 days trapped underground.
if that's not a miracle, then I don't know what is.

miracles DO exist 

and while this miracle is broadcasted for the world to see,
so many miracles get less coverage.

but they are still miracles

here are some miracles that have happened in the past month alone 
it makes me so happy
after the driver of their bus collapses, this coach guided his team to safety 
this missionary watched a country be rebuilt- and helped save lives in the process
mom brings her baby back to life through cuddling after doctors pronounced him dead
miracle cancer survivors

miracles happen in my life all the time
sometimes i fail to see them

i went to the hospital hours before my appendix exploded, which doctor's said probably saved my life
my uncle survived two heart attacks 
my other uncle survived a near fatal car crash when he was 20

and they happened in the blog world too

79% of people believe in miracles.
do you?

i do.
so much.



  1. jackie, i have to say, this may be one of your best posts yet!

    i am crazy sbout the way you wrote this.

    the chilean rescue mission was really the stuff of miracles.


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