Sunday, August 15, 2010

Style Story Sunday- Number 6; Lace Vest

i'm a huge fan of lace.
but, it has to be well- made lace that is eye catching and doesn't look cheap.
i have a few pieces of lace clothing that are my go-to staples for when i want a unique piece that pops.
paired with something a simple as shorts or jeans, it's a special look.

shirt- jcrew
vest- lf stores
jean shorts- urban outfitters
ring- unknown designer from hawaii
shoes- free people

i've never been a big vest person, but this is one of my favorite articles of clothing!
it can be layer over a tan or short sleeved shirt in the summer, and a longer shirt or sweater in the winter.

it's a fresh spin on lace.

what are your favorite ways to wear lace? 


  1. you are too stinkin cute for your own good:)

  2. You look fantastic!! I don't know if I own any lace... but now I want a piece or two!

    Happy Monday!

  3. ooh i love lace!! i have a black lace top from american apparel that i looooove! and sometimes i wear a neon color tank underneath :-)


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