Saturday, August 14, 2010

Say Cheese


isn't it gorgeous?

i've been saving up for one for awhile.
{read: trying to justify spending close to $500 for awhile}

and finally decided
{read: got up the courage}

to go get it!

and i might be the happiest person EVER.

it's perfect.
it's the nikon d3000

i'm so happy to have gotten it in time for my trip to greece next week.

excuse the outfit/ hair in the pics above.
i haven't been productive at all.

oh well.

so since i'm completely new to this whole photography thing, does anyone have an tips for me?
shoot me an email if/ leave a comment if you do!
purplemonkey732 {at!} aol {dot} com



  1. I really want a new camera! That one looks amazing. And, I love Greece! Have fun. :-)

  2. Yayyyy!! That's so exciting! Have so much fun in Greece! I'm jealous! :)
    As far as photography, READ your manual! Read it once without your camera, read it again with your camera and play with your settings and then read it again after you've had your camera for a while to learn new things. Get to know your camera well before your trip! Can't wait to see pictures!


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