Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Playlist!

the April Playlist is finally here!
better late then never, right?

April Music Playlist

Motorcycle Drive By    Third Eye Blind

All the Things She Said   T.A.T.U

Over it Over Again  She & Him

Alice in Wonderland   Lisa Mitchell

Hey Na Na   Katie Herzig

Message from Your Heart    Kina Grannis

Cape Canaveral  Conor Oberst  

Paris  Kate Nash

i've heard a bunch of blog talk either in some other blogs posts or comments about how they don't like when blogs have the automatic music that plays.
i've thought long and hard about my little ipod music player that plays each playlist of the month of all of you and i've decided to keep it.
the whole point of the music playlist of the month is to find songs that i love and share them with all of you.  plus i think it's nice to listen to songs when i come to a blog.
i don't know.  i like it.  
hopefully you agree.
{i finally figured out how to make it shuffle.  that way, a different song will play each time you log on!}

good night!
two more days until the weekend :)

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