Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sweet dreams

i'm not going to lie.
i'm nervous.
and freaking out.

i'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning.
four, impacted wisdom teeth.
and i know that it can't be as bad as what i went to with my appendix.
but i still get nervous about surgery and being put under.

i might not be blogging the next couple of days.
i'll be all drugged up and stuffed with ice cream for the weekend.
i'm taking two days off from school.

today i went to whole foods and stocked up on every possible liquid food i could find.
my diet will consist of ice cream (blended), yogurt, yogurt shakes, smoothies, pudding, pear juice and soup.  
hopefully i can eventually work my way to mac and cheese by friday.
we'll see.

tomorrow morning at 11 am i'll be having sweet dreams 
of beaches and flowers and bunnies
Flickr: Your Photostreamnudetricks
Pixdaus, page 1 of tagged as bicycle photos
Beauty in Everything - Photography

on Flickr - Photo Sharing!The Animal Blog
we heart it


i'll be back as soon as i can!
until then....


  1. sweetie don't worry about your wisdom teeth! i got all 4 of mine removed at once and it was a piece of cake. seriously! you'll feel groggy but other than that, don't worry at all! :)

    i can't wait til you come back and let us know that it was, in fact nothing!
    dream of Robert Pattinson while you're in the dentist chair tomorrow ;) yes R PATZ on the beach holding a bunny


  2. I hope everything went well today! 99% of the time it's a simple surgery, but I had a terrible time with it and missed a lot of school (almost two weeks!). I'm sure everything will go just fine for you though hun! Get lots of rest and relaxation! Talk to you in a few days :)
    xoxo cait


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