Monday, February 22, 2010

It Only Took Two Months...

... and (as those of you who follow me on twitter know) a whole lot of complaining.

but here it is :)

i'm in a portfolio class at my school.  we work endlessly on all types of projects.  
awhile ago i posted some of the things i had done

i posted this:

the assignment was to draw a self portrait (i combined two pictures from when i was younger).  it had to have a unique facial expression.

that was part one.  the second part was to have a copy made of it, and cover the second copy with values of newspaper:

the pictures not the best quality (i used my iphone) and you can't exactly see the true look of it from a picture, but there it is.

it was so time consuming and i'm so happy it's done, done, and done :)

p.s.  USA dominating last night in ice hockey?  that's what i like to see :)


  1. Looks amazing, I wish I can see the close-up :)

  2. wow that's gorgeous! You're so talented :)

    it looks wonderful!

  4. aw thanks everyone! your comments make me smile :)


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