Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peace and Love

Janel over at this blog inspired today's post.
She hosted a giveaway in which everyone who entered had to send a picture of them showing peace.

what a cute idea!
i missed the giveaway, but have decided to post my picture here:

the whole concept is passing on peace!
i love it.  check out her blog to see all of the awesome peace photos she received!

in honor of peace and love, i'm going to fill you in about a part of my life that's very important to me.
i've mentioned it a couple of times on here but i thought i'd tell you my entire journey.

i'm a certified yoga teacher.  and i absolutely love it.
my mom always was a big yogi and i would come to classes with her on vacation and try to become more flexible.  i always envied the people in the front of the class who could stand on their heads and twist their bodies into all kinds of shapes.

three years ago, my family went on a trip to costa rica.  we stayed in a remote area where the hotel had a yoga class every morning at sunrise.  i went with my mom one day and fell in love with it.  there was something so peaceful and magical about a 6 am yoga class on the beach in costa rica.  it felt like nothing else mattered, and for once it felt like the world was full of peace.

two years passed and i continued to go to yoga classes in my town when i could.  while in florida this past april, i went to an amazing hot yoga class.  that's when i truly believed yoga could change your life. my grandfather had just died and i was looking for something to help me cope.  yoga did that.
that week i signed up for a 200 hour teacher training course at a studio by my house.

this past summer i went to "yoga school" for 5 hours a day, every day, for 5 weeks.  it was intense.  i'm a huge athlete, so i thought i could handle the physical stuff.  but i was sore in places i never thought could get sore!  it was incredible!

let me tell you, it's not all physical.  the mental aspect was so challenging.  they warned us we might feel overwhelmed, but there were some times that i almost burst out into tears everything was so moving.

in the beginning of september, i graduated.  i did it.  i was so proud of myself.
i currently teach one class a week, Sundays at 4 pm.  What started out as one or two people in my class has grown to between seven and ten people.

honestly, i love my job.  i get to wear yoga clothes.   i  make money doing something i enjoy.  i get to workout while i work.  and most importantly i help people better their lives.  i love having students come up to me and tell me how much better they feel, how awesome the class was, or how much that bettered their day.

it's so inspiring.
yoga has changed so many of my students lives.  and it's changed mine too.  i'm stronger.  i'm more at peace.

it's really awesome.
and now.... i can bend my body into different shapes (sort of) and stand on my head (with a wall behind me).

anyway, it's a huge part of my life so I thought i'd share it with you!


this weekend was so relaxing and peaceful.  last week was one of the most difficult and challenging weeks of my life.  i was exhausted everyday and worked to the point i couldn't move.  friday morning i woke up hysterically crying because i was so tired.

i had a huge race for my team friday night.  we did amazing, but i came home, took a shower, ate, got into bed with my phone and half way through a text to my friend fell asleep.

with the lights on.
on top of my bed.

i woke up two hours later, turned off the lights, and slept for a good 12 hours.
it was just what i needed and i feel so much better now!
i'm ready to tackle this week head on.
it's going to be a busy one!

this post is all about spreading the love and peace.  i hope everyone keeps that in mind this week!

p.s.  my blog friend micaela has a special request on her blog.  since i'm talking about spreading peace, i figured i'd share it with you.  her brother is in Iraq serving our country and she's asked her readers to send him a letter.  all you have to do is go over to her blog, send her an email, and she'll send you his address.  it's such a simple way to encourage him.  i sent my letter out to him, so if you get a moment, go check it out!

happy sunday:)

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  1. what an awesome and inspiring post!!
    I love this and thank you so much for spreading the peace :)
    Im going to post your picture on my blog tomorrow so definitely check back!
    ps. i emailed you about the blog feature :)


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